28 January 2011

One World Column relaunched as a Blog for East Anglia’s progressives

A group of six East Anglian writers and campaigners this week launched this blog as an online magazine, forum and news network for the region’s progressive organisations.

The ‘One World Column’ blog was launched on Wednesday (26 January) at the EPIC media centre (East of England Production Innovation Centre) in Norwich. Over thirty invited guests attended from independent media, social enterprises, environment organisations, trades unions, charities and political campaigns.

The One World Column was for six years a regular weekly feature in the Eastern Daily Press, written by six volunteers and also published on its own website. It commented on local and national news from a global perspective - and on international development, poverty, globalisation, peacemaking, human rights, international relations and the environment. When the EDP terminated the column, the writers decided to produce a blog and develop a partnership with progressive organisations with similar interests.

Campaigning groups and charities will now provide guest writers and news. Several organisations have agreed to publish blog extracts in print, contribute guest blogs or to network the blog to their supporters, creating a wide audience.

One World Column blog will be:

- a focal point for news and comment on local events linked to global themes
- a link to progressive local NGOs and campaigns and their work
- a fresh voice from East Anglia, completely independent of corporate media interests
- a place where ideas and information are shared
- a forum for guest writers on 'one world' themes, especially young writers
- a medium with audio-visual and other new elements, too.

One of the One World Column team, Charlotte Du Cann, said: ‘In a time of increasing global dangers and national political challenges it is important to bring local progressives into supportive partnerships. We want to establish a relationship with other independent media, like-minded writers, progressive campaigns, NGOs, artists and others throughout the region - to develop the One World Column as an asset for us all - reaching members and supporters of our organisations plus the wider public. Organisations can write to oneworldcolumn@gmail.com to be part of this venture.’

The six writers: Charlotte Du Cann, Mark Crutchley, Marguerite Finn, Trevor Phillips, Rupert Read, David Seddon: http://oneworldcolumn.blogspot.com/p/who-we-are.html
Further information: Trevor Phillips:
trevor@tpcampaigns.fsnet.co.uk 07794 690322

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